•We have spouses, children, careers, military service, schooling and a host of other real world events.
•Whisperwind is a Chicago based server in the central time zone. At times we have had members from all around the world. The majority are generally from North America.
•Many members have alts almost as geared as their mains.
•We expect folks to act in a civilized and mature manner at all times.
•We are Rated R. Use of profanity is acceptable. Abuse of other members is not.
•We require folks to be 18+. The bulk of our members are 30+
•We maintain a Teamspeak server with a DJ that plays commercial free music during our raids.
•We prefer active members. Folks who want to be part of a team environment and contribute to the community as a whole.
•Racists, Elitist Jerks and Drama Queens will not be tolerated and need not apply.

Rules of Conduct

The rules of conduct (roc) for the guild are pretty straight forward and are consistent with most guilds. We consider ourselves to be an R rated guild. If you are offended by profanity, potty humor or some sick and twisted points of view, we may not be the right guild for you. If you play without a headset, be warned, your 3 year old may wake up tomorrow and tell your spouse to go suck a dick.

You should first attempt to resolve all issues within the guild amicably with the other party. In the event that it cannot be resolved then bring it the attention of a/the officer(s). The officer(s) may require you to provide them with unedited screenshots of any conversations that occurred.

All violations of the roc will be handled by the officers. Collectively they will decide the appropriate punitive actions taken on a per issue basis. The actions will range from a warning to expulsion from the guild.

Below is a list of the ROC.
1. Compliance: You must comply with reasonable requests made by the raid leaders, officers or the guild leader.
2. Obnoxiousness: No trolling, griefing, gold begging, etc. You should not be someone who participates in the Anal game, linking thunderfury, saying press alt+f4, etc.
3. Respectfulness: Do not be disrespectful to other players in the game.
4. Drama: Keep your negative emotions in check. Keep drama to a bare minimum. Everyone has the right to act like an asshole once in a while. Don’t abuse the privilege.
5. Stealing: Do not take BOE drops from guild run raids for your personal gold profit. Do not take items from the guild bank to sell for your personal gold profit.
6. Harassment: No harassment (general or sexual) shall be tolerated by the guild. Harassment is very arbitrary and subjective. We will address any harassment complaints that are deemed by the officers to be of an egregious nature.
7. Slander/Libel: Bad mouthing of other guildies and/or officers in public areas such as chat channels, general voice chat channels, public forums, etc is not acceptable.

So to bottom line it for you: Don’t be a fucking asshole! If you think something may be perceived as wrong then you probably shouldn’t do it.

Note: As the guild is ever evolving, the guild rules are subject to change and may be amended at any time.